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Enhance Your Home & Lifestyle With A Smart Home Solution

Enjoy home management, comfort and convenience, safety and security, flexibility, energy efficiency, and customization in your smart home. 

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Smart Home Design

We offer smart home solutions entirely tailored to your needs based on approved project specifications. At this stage, we outline the hardware models, prices, and labor needed to reach the performance expectations for your smart home. We provide first-class designs using the latest industry trends and products.

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Installation & Programing

Our team is experts in the unique installation requirements. We will deliver and install all needed equipment as per the plan designed. We complete the project with programming and system configuration to bring all your technology together in one platform. Our goal is to create an effortless control experience to match your project’s capabilities and desired functionality.

Maintenance  & Upgrade

We offer plans for proactive and reactive maintenance.
We can attempt remotely if there is remote access to test and verify. Our technical engineer can give advice over the phone to our clients. In case of a system emergency, we provide typical maintenance visits to ensure that your system is up to date and performing at its best. 
smart home services kuwait

Product Categories

 Smart Sensors 1


Smart Cameras 3

2 Smart Locks

4 Smart Lights

Smart Curtains 5


Smart AC Thermostat 7

6 Smart Plugs

8 Wifi Light Switches

smart home solution providers

Innovia Tech Provides

All-In-One Remote Control

Smart home services are all-in-one remote control services that can handle all equipment and devices installed in the house.
    Smart Home Latest Technology

    We follow the biggest smart home tech trends happening right now and implement the best of it as per your needs.

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